Hitting partner reveals the most impressive thing about Roger Federer

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Hitting partner reveals the most impressive thing about Roger Federer

The young French player Geoffrey Blancaneaux trained with several top players over two weeks in the French Open. Blancaneux was asked who he was impressed the most by. "Djokovic... It was crazy. Like Federer. They place the ball where they want to.

They do everything well, they are relaxed, comfortable... Everything goes on very quickly. Federer controls his ball on all aspects. The most impressive thing is his serve... Impossible to read and he is so precise", he said.

"I trained with Gael Monfils and it was great. I learned a lot during the ten days we spent together. He was recovering from his injury in Indian Wells so the start was a bit light. Then we had big five-six hour practice sessions, with a lot of sets played and physical work.

Those ten days made me different." Asked to judge his French Open performances, Blancaneux replied: "The goal was to qualify, but physically I could not be at my best in the third round. I am still happy because a few months ago I was very far away from this level.

If they told me I would reach the third round qualies, I would have signed for it." On his next plans, Blancaneux added: "I go to a $25,000 Futures in Germany. Then I play the Lyon and Blois Challengers. The week before the French Open I reached my first Challenger quarter-finals, so the goal is to reach the semis and then win one title."