Roger Federer is the ultimate Rolex ambassador, says Boetsch

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Roger Federer is the ultimate Rolex ambassador, says Boetsch

In an interview to Figaro the Rolex French Communication Director Arnaud Boetsch commented on the partnership between the Swiss brand and Roger Federer. "Being with those unbelievable sportsmen is just great. His longevity reflects our brand too.

What matters is not the short term, but the principles and values that should last over the time. Federer is the ultimate ambassador. He will stay as an ambassador also after his career ends, like Jackie Stewart e Jean-Claude Killy, who have been ambassadors for more than 50 years", said Boetsch.

Sharing the reasons behind their new partnership with the French Open, Boetsch added: "We make a choice looking at the amount of spectators, televisions, the quality of the product and the values it transmits. Tennis is a sport that has a big earning."

Especially if Roger Federer makes his comeback for the first time since 2015: "He can win the French Open. That will be an emormous challenge, but nothing is impossible for him. He surprised us more than once. Over the years, Rolex got associated to events that have been in the peak moment of the sport.

A Grand Slam is a high level history and experience. That embraces a lot with the Rolex values. Every Grand Slam has its character, identity. And that's very important for us." After his loss to Federer, Stan Wawrinka said: "I was really surprised by the way I recovered after my match against Tsitsipas.

I thought I would have more muscle aches and I would be more tired. And I was surprised at the way I was able to get onto the court today to play for more than three hours and 20 minutes. This is something that is positive for the future."