Roger Federer: 'Rafael Nadal might have a problem, he may be sick'

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Roger Federer: 'Rafael Nadal might have a problem, he may be sick'

Roger Federer will head into the Philippe Chatrier Stadium on Friday being confident ahead of the semifinal match against Rafael Nadal in the French Open. The Swiss said: "Like against any player, there is always a chance.

Otherwise, nobody will be in the stadium to watch because everybody already knows the result in advance. And I think sport does that to you, that every match needs to be played before it's decided. And that's exactly what everybody believes by facing Rafa.

They know it's going to be tough. But you just never know. He might have a problem. He might be sick. You never know. You might be playing great or for some reason, he's struggling. Maybe there's incredible wind, rain, 10 rain delays.

You just don't know. That's why you need to put yourself in that position. For me to get to Rafa is not simple. It took five matches here for me to win to get there. That's why I'm very happy to play Rafa, because if you want to do or achieve something on the clay, inevitably, at some stage, you will go through Rafa, because he's that strong and he will be there.

I knew that when I signed up for the clay that hopefully, that's gonna happen. If I would have had a different mindset to avoid him, then I should not have played the clay. So I think by that mindset, I think it helped me to play so well so far this tournament."