'My chair vibrated' - Umpire recalls Roger Federer's 2011 win over Djokovic

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'My chair vibrated' - Umpire recalls Roger Federer's 2011 win over Djokovic

In an interview to the Roland Garros, the French umpire Damien Dumusois commented on his job. Dumusois is one of the six French umpires who hold a golden badge in the French Open. "I umpired the French Championship in summer and it was really nice.

We were 30 young guys under the Suzanne Lenglen court. The environment was great. I dreamt of travelling, discovering the world, meet people while I evolved in the world of sport, my passion", said Dumusois. In 2009 he got the gold badge.

That opened him doors to the legends. "Especially in the French Open where, as a French umpire, we have the chance of being well supported, we get quickly scheduled on the biggest stadiums which allows us to quickly progress."

He umpired several Grand Slam finals including the most recent one in 2018 Wimbledon between Novak Djokovic and Kevin Anderson, but the 2011 French Open semifinal that featured Roger Federer defeating Novak Djokovic in straight sets will forever stay on his memory.

"I heard the chair vibrating. The crowd was fired up. The match was amazing, but we lead the show and the only way to enjoy it is that everything is okay. That's our responsability. I work hard to stay at this level, you can always learn things, to improve, the umpiring is always a challenge, you can be good in a tournament, but you need go be consistent", concluded Dumusois.

Federer will now try to play a similar match and maybe get the same result when on Friday he heads into the court to face Rafael Nadal.