Rod Laver shares what's the biggest Roger Federer's strength

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Rod Laver shares what's the biggest Roger Federer's strength

In an interview to AGI, Rod Laver praised Roger Federer. The Australian said: "I always thought that for how he plays and what he does on and off the court, Federer is a complete champion. He also won a lot being from the baseline because he was not confident and now he plays being forward, because he loves the sport so much and start working again physically.

His best shot is the drop shot. Everyone knows he will do it, but they do not manage to deal with t: Roger knows how and when to do it, and he does not overdo it." Can he win in Paris one more time? "He plays well, but per now he was not pushed too much.

But you have to win seven matches, not 28. My favorite is Nadal, then Djokovic." On Federer, Laver concluded: "He is bringing the tennis way up, not only by his own but he is present everywhere he goes. He is the player I enjoy watching the most but I like Nadal and Novak too.

The Serb can really achieve the Novak Slam." Speaking of the upcoming Federer-Nadal match, Patrick Mouratoglou said: "He may use this tactic, but it's less efficient on clay. Even if Federer constantly dominated Nadal in the last three years, on clay, the balance will be different as it's Nadal's favorite surface.

The five-set format on clay in a Rafa-Roger clash counts a lot, even if he won in five sets at the Australian Open, but on clay Rafa will play one more extra shot, so the fifth set will never be played in the same way as hard."