Roger Federer would have won six French Opens without Nadal - Rosset

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Roger Federer would have won six French Opens without Nadal - Rosset

In an interview, the former world No. 9 Marc Rosset commented on Roger Federer reaching the French Open semifinals. Rosset said: "Roger fits to all the surfaces in an unbelievably fast way. So yeah, I expected him to be ready here too.

In the end, you know that he can play amazing on clay. If Rafael Nadal was not here, he would have won six times here. He had a relatively easy draw this year. Only one opponent, Stan Wawrinka, made him struggle." On Wawrinka's comeback, Rosset added: "It was not a surprise for me.

He played well in Madrid and over the last months, he earned important points to be at his top in Paris. After two rounds, Stan really became dangerous. It's like diesel for me. That means he is more dangerous in the Majors than Masters 1000s.

He is very difficult to beat in five sets. He will keep raising the rankings." On the next generation struggling to beat the best players, Rosset concluded: "Zverev reached the quarter-finals, but he could not do anything against Novak Djokovic.

Tsitsipas was close to Wawrinka. The best players are virtually perfect, they face each other only at the end of the tournament. When the young Roger Federer won Wimbledon in 2003, he did not have to beat players like Becker, Sampras and Edberg.

Ask Zverev what he thinks about beating Federer, Nadal and Djokovic over five days in the French Open. It's impossible."