Roger Federer could have been more aggressive against Nadal - Wilander

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Roger Federer could have been more aggressive against Nadal - Wilander

Mats Wilander would have liked Roger Federer to play more aggressive tennis in the French Open semifinal against Rafael Nadal. The Swede said: "You have to make very clear decisions and commitment on the tactics you are gonna use.

I was very surprised that he served and volleyed only twice in the first set, he won one of them but he did not do more. And then I was surprised at 4-all and 15-all. He waited for the points. Tricky conditions. I think he could have played more aggressive."

Wilander also praised Nadal: "He is the ultimate fighter on court. He looks at his opponent, he figures out how the conditions are and he adapts it and he says, It will favour me, not you. He is better than anyone in researching in every single match, he does not complain about anything and he used the wind in his favour in many ways.

I am so impressed with his ability to stay focused. He does not get down. When he steps on this court, he is like, You will not beat me. I will find a way to beat you today." On Alexander Zverev's loss to Djokovic, Wilander added: "What happened in the game before is more important.

Novak lost a bit of focus and edge, Zverev looked more and more to the player he used to be. In the second he played shocking serves, hit slices and he lost the match. On the second serve, it seems he lost a bit of acceleration.

He is one of the biggest serves in the game and he has dropped on it so I think it depends on his confidence. Novak's mixture of shots on clay is great. He is a complete clay-court player."