John Millman: I felt enormous calmness when I beat Roger Federer

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John Millman: I felt enormous calmness when I beat Roger Federer

In an interview to Daily Telegraph, John Millman recalled his last year's fourth round US Open win over Roger Federer. The Australian player took advantage of the extra humid conditions that influenced the Swiss. "I actually felt an enormous sense of calmness and clarity," said Millman.

"It was in the tie-break in the fourth set. I served, we had a bit of an exchange and he hit it long and I just felt this great sense of relief. It wasn’t necessarily that I’d beaten the great Roger Federer, it was the fact that I had gotten close to the finish line and ran through it.

It’s one thing putting yourself in position to beat some of these top guys — I took a set off Andy Murray at Pat Rafter Arena back in 2013 — but it’s a whole other thing to win that match point. Nerves didn’t affect me and I should learn from that.

It made the job easier closing it out." Millman prevailed in four sets to reach the quarter-finals where he would eventually lose to the champion Novak Djokovic. Asked to indicate the top favorites for Wimbledon, he concluded: "On grass, I would say Novak Djokovic.

Federer is playing a fair bit better this year but age catches up with everyone and Djokovic is probably at his peak. Rafa Nadal doesn’t love the grass with his knees. It doesn’t suit his game quite as much."