Rafael Nadal reveals what he told Roger Federer at the net

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Rafael Nadal reveals what he told Roger Federer at the net

Rafael Nadal was hosted by France TV on Saturday at their studio at the French Open. The main topic was obviously the then upcoming final against Dominic Thiem. "He is the toughest opponent you can meet in a championship clash," admitted the world No.

2. "Thiem is a top player, world No. 4, it will be his second French Open final and before he had played the semifinals. I have full respect for him. I will have to play at my best level." Nadal believes that the rain delays during the match between Thiem and Novak Djokovic will not be an advantage for him: "The match lasted four hours but over two days.

It will be a big challenge. I face the final with the experience of playing many, but knowing each one is unique and it's an opportunity that will not be repeated. I have to be fully prepared, knowing I face an opponent who wants to win too."

Nadal also revealed what he told Roger Federer after their semifinal match: "I wished him luck for Wimbledon and the grass season and he to me for Sunday's final. We played in complicated conditions, that's the beauty of the sport, being able to adapt to the circumstances.

We played good points, facing Roger is always a pleasure and hopefully it was not the last time." Thiem said: "Many things happened during this tournament. So, I mean, it's also nice in a sort of way it didn't get boring at one day.

(Laughter.) But that's everything in the past. I mean, I'm only looking ahead for tomorrow's match. It's an unbelievable opportunity. I said last year that I hope to get another chance in a Grand Slam final and hope to do better then, so tomorrow there is the chance."