Roger Federer is so loved because of rivarly with Rafael Nadal - McEnroe

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Roger Federer is so loved because of rivarly with Rafael Nadal - McEnroe

On Eurosport, the seven-time Grand Slam winner John McEnroe spoke about Roger Federer's popularity. "If Roger is so universally loved all around the world, he owns it in a big part to Rafael Nadal. He just dominated before Nadal came up.

And when he started losing to Rafa, that made him more human. That's the biggest rivalry in the sport history. There is fantasy around the new generation, but all what we sees now is the older one." Meanwhile, Jim Courier commented on the many rain delays during the match between Novak Djokovic and Dominic Thiem: “There is no question that next year they will not face this type of situation because there will be a roof in play that allows them to keep playing should the weather intervene.

But all things considered the women’s final should be on court right now and they would have started on time. They would have been ready to play at 3pm. And I can’t imagine a situation where a final is about to start and they hold the players in the locker room because of the threat of rain, not because it is raining.

These players were in the locker room for another 25 minutes because of a perceived threat of rain. This is becoming borderline absurd”. On Federer possibly joining the senior tour, Henri Leconte said: "I do not think Roger wants to get older.

And yet it's difficult to stay motivated and fit at almost 38 years of age, competing against the youngest guys. That's a surprise for me. Sooner or later, he will join us. Better later than earlier!" Tommy Haas added: "Will Roger play the Legends Trophy? If he finds the right partner and that interests him, he can do it."