After Federer-Nadal, watching another match is difficult -Giudicelli

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After Federer-Nadal, watching another match is difficult -Giudicelli

The French Tennis Federation chief Bernard Giudicelli commented on why the two men's singles semifinals in the French Open on Friday were split into two sessions although they were both scheduled at day. Giudicelli said: "You have to understand, and you certainly experience it, the emotion after a Nadal/Federer match makes it difficult to immediately become a spectator again.

It's true that we had this year a huge chance with the top four players in the world in semifinals. And in addition, from next year onwards, we can maybe take more time because we won't have the time constraint that we had this year."

He added: "The night sessions in 2021 impose an organization which requires methodical and deep work, so that's why we scheduled them in 2021 and not in 2020. But regarding the roof policy, as our British friends say, will be established with the tournament director, with the chief umpire, in relationship with ATP and WTA, in view of the experience we have overall and also from the other roof policies, but also with respect to our own mode of organization.

This will be, of course, established before the tournament 2020." Guy Forget spoke about how the roof policy will work from next year: "I remind that the tournament is an outdoor tournament played outdoors, and the only times when we will close the roof is when we will have major rainfalls that will be continuous, and a match that will start indoor will finish indoor except if it restarts the day after, unlike what the British did between Nadal and Djokovic, we will finish the match outdoors the day afterwards."