Roger Federer can do exactly what he wants, says Rod Laver

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Roger Federer can do exactly what he wants, says Rod Laver

Speaking on Eurosport Rod Laver praised Roger Federer's ability to peak in the right moments. The Australian said: "Roger does not play all the time now and it's amazing he can do exactly what he wants. When you are looking after a 38-year-old body, how do you make sure you are ready for the next match.

Just playing Wawrinka here, how would he turn up the next day. If he had to front up and play the next day and do it again, could he do it? If he wins two or three five-setters, that would be to tell. At the moment he is in a great position."

On his history at the French Open, Laver added: "I was here in 1956. I was 17. Same age, I guess, pretty close. Yeah, it was a thrill, having learnt, you know, and played tennis in Australia, then had that opportunity to travel overseas.

To be here, you know, 1956, it was amazing. We thought, as tennis players, we generally played on the grass a lot in Australia and we had fast clay courts. We thought any time the ball is up here, nice and high, I'd hit it as hard as I could.

And, of course, three or four would go in, and about 20 went out. So I had to learn how to play on the European clay. It was a learning experience. I remember Manolo Santana. Manolo, he was playing with me. A fella called Pat Hughes, from back in the years with The Musketeers, with Fred Perry, Pat Hughes, Bunny Austin, and I said, Enter me in all the tournaments in Europe.

I have to learn how to play on this stuff. They're playing with me. So I did. I played there for about three years, and I played about six tournaments in a row each year. And finally, I understood, That's how they do it. I had that opportunity to learn how to play on this particular surface."