I thought Roger Federer's career had ended because of ski incident - Rosset

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I thought Roger Federer's career had ended because of ski incident - Rosset

In an interview, the former world No. 9 Marc Rosset recalled when he went snowing with Roger Federer. "After an Australian Open, ten days before a Davis Cup tie, we went to Crans-Montana (Switzerland). We start making a raising, then we went until the end.

There were two obstacles. I am going fast and I see Roger making a jump of 3,4 meters high and for 25 meters long. I see him lying in the snow. I thought he had hurt his leg. I said, Are you doing well? And he was like, Yes yes, well.

In the evening, because of the time zone, he fell asleep on the table! But for a second I thought his career was over." On how important trophies are to Federer, the writer Thomas Sotto said: "He likes to put them in his room.

He gives them names. For example, the Wimbledon one, he calls it Arthur. He creates little characters. There is almost a childhood pleasure in it. It's his passion, he keeps enjoying." In an interview with Reuters, Gustavo Kuerten commented on the tough time that Brazil tennis is going through: "Tennis hasn’t really happened in our country, it’s not like Sweden.

Players who have been playing tennis for five years and are very good, who have parents who support them, and federations who support them, sometimes even they don’t have the answers. If these players advanced we’d have extraordinary results in terms of high performance.

They (the players) need to be the protagonists, you can’t wait on the governments or federations. If that was to happen it would be great. But that day has never arrived for Brazil, we haven’t lived through any virtuous cycle. It is very difficult here."