Mats Wilander shares why Nadal has more chances than Federer to win Slams

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Mats Wilander shares why Nadal has more chances than Federer to win Slams

In an interview to El Pais, the seven-time Grand Slam winner Mats Wilander praised the Rafael Nadal's 18th Grand Slam title in the French Open. The Swede said: "That tournament was crucial for Nadal. Winning here allows him to extend the dream.

It's a high-level triumph because now he will compete in London and New York thinking he can win. In Roger Federer's case, if there is a lot of time between your last success and the next, for example, two years, you start to lose belief.

I think Roger believes, especially in Wimbledon, that he can win, but time leaves a lighter memory. And if Novak Djokovic would have won in Paris, he could have won several titles in a row..." Meanwhile, the former world no.

1 Gustavo Kuerten praised Djokovic, Nadal and Federer: "We should appreciate their effort. Before, I joked on an Italian TV that we should divide (and share) the Rome trophy into two parts, maybe even three including Roger.

They are ruling very hard and pushing to the limit. Even they did not expect to play that way 10-15 years ago. They understand the value of tennis, opponents, they know how to handle circumstances and they go back home knowing that every single day they need to be better and find answers to be successful.

They have been doing it for 15-20 years. We have to enjoy and hopefully, they can be there as long as they wish. Everyone needs to flavour this show."