Roger Federer, Djokovic should stay with family, retire: Toni Nadal jokes

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Roger Federer, Djokovic should stay with family, retire: Toni Nadal jokes

In an interview to Onda Cero, Rafael Nadal's uncle Toni commented on his nephew Rafael's French Open success. The 58-year-old Mallorcan said: "I was always confident for Rafael because I do not see how I cannot be confident.

Titles motivate you to get better. Then I am confident he will overcome Federer. Roger is the best player ever, then we will see if he wins his 21st at Wimbledon... He had to do everything he had to, he has four children and he should be aside as well as Djokovic who has two children!" Toni joked laughing.

Toni, speaking of Rafa, added: "The French Open is a big and difficult tournament. I remembered him the tough moments he had in Monte Carlo, Barcelona. Many times you are in bad moments but at the end of the day, you always have chances to win.

You are never too far away. I was lucky to live many nice moments here. I always thought Rafael would be the favorite to win the title this year. If he can play at a good level, he is the best clay-courter. This success means a lot to him.

He made a lot of effort in his life and he was lucky to see that his effort was well worth. He always went through injuries. That happens to anyone. It happens to Barcelona, Madrid football teams, the best sportsmen. I am very happy that he, despite all his success, he did not forget that all he does it to make a ball get through the net.

I think that it's difficult that another player wins here for 12 times again. But if Rafa, who is a normal person, did it, another one can. Rafael will play for a few more years."