McEnroe shares the guys who could beat Federer, Nadal, Djokovic

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McEnroe shares the guys who could beat Federer, Nadal, Djokovic

In an interview during the French Open, the seven-time Grand Slam winner John McEnroe commented on the younger players' inability to breakthrough over Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic. No active player who has less than 30 years old has won a Grand Slam.

"You know, I have been waiting a long time for it to happen, like a lot of people, to see who that is. I think it’s as close as its ever been. I would think at Wimbledon it would be more likely, yeah. But that doesn’t mean some of these guys, whether it’s [Denis] Shapovalov, who has struggled on the clay.

Will that hurt his confidence at Wimbledon where it would seem to work better for him? Tsitsipas, he would seem to be a likely candidate that would make that transition immediately. [Karen] Khachanov was someone I thought would make more inroads by now.

But I don’t know what has happened to him. A guy like [Daniil] Medvedev, maybe all of a sudden the pressure is on. It’s hard to say without being around the person a lot. These guys set such a high bar and I think they feel they are overwhelmed by the obstacles of going all the way.

It’s tough. These guys, we are in an amazing time for the three guys", said McEnroe. Asked who could go to the top of the rankings anytime soon, the American replied: "Aliassime has that attitude to be to the best player in the world.

Stefanos has that attitude. He is the closest right now. Zverev, he has been the front runner for a while. But it seems like he hasn’t rounded his game off enough, so that when the pressure ramps up at the big ones, he gets a little passive.

In a way, he psyches himself out. The pressure so far has gotten to him. The way he plays it seems he has to be more proactive. He seems not to be comfortable enough at the net so far to me. Some of the other guys, it’s more natural."