There were unfortunate conditions in Federer-Nadal match, says Laver

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There were unfortunate conditions in Federer-Nadal match, says Laver

In an interview to TSN, Rod Laver commented on the Rafael Nadal's French Open semifinals win over Roger Federer. It was very windy. Laver said: "I would have never played this match. A semifinal match, you do not have to worry about the conditions.

That was a big stone. Federer is more technical, being able to move the ball around. So that was unfortunate." On how it felt to achieve the Calendar Grand Slam twice, Laver added: "You are proud with what you have done.

It's a different path. You are proud of the moment but it's a tough road to go out there and just battling. We have seen what Nadal has done here. It's amazing what he can do as a player and he changed the world of tennis, the way he plays on clay.

His topspin forehand and when the ball bounces deep, it's tough to deal with that. You are playing far away from the baseline, you are not playing your game but Nadal's game. That's how he wins tournaments on clay."

"The Grand Slam tournaments, you know, it wasn't anything like the power of what a Grand Slam means today. Yes, they played, but I don't think they find themselves saying, Oh, I've got to win the Australian, I've got to win the French.

They say, Well, maybe I'll enter, maybe I won't. Now it's night and day on how players put their schedule together."