Roger Federer, Nadal, Djokovic can play until they are 40 years old - Cash

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Roger Federer, Nadal, Djokovic can play until they are 40 years old - Cash

In an interview to AGI the former world No. 4 Pat Cash praised the Big Three dominance. "Their consistency in training, being so motivated and winning so much. Those are crazy numbers: Federer 20 Slams, Nadal 18, Djokovic 15...

i think they can play until they are 40. They have an amazing strength", he said. Cash believes that a too light schedule doesn't benefit them: "Last year when Federer played less, he lost to Kevin Anderson in Wimbledon and John Millman in the US Open."

Cash commented on how the men's tennis turned very professional in the last years. The Australian said: "Fast players like Borg and Wilander do not even get closer to the today's players. Their recovery ability made unbelievable steps forward.

Back in the day we did not know what the ice bath was after the match. Now players travel around the world with their physioterapist, and two-three other people of the medical staff. A real team. I was the first one to have a physioterapist.

When I won Wimbledon I had to buy him the ticket because in the player's box only the parents, girlfriend and coach could enter. It's absolutely another world. Now it's too much. In my days if you won one Grand Slam winner, you were like: "Hello, great, unbelievable, fantastic"

Now with only a Major triumph you are a loser. The mentality totally changed, the players' life is just tennis. I do not understand them. It cannot be life."