Roger Federer sometimes travels with a chef, says McDonald

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Roger Federer sometimes travels with a chef, says McDonald

In an interview with MarketWatch, Mackenzie McDonald commented on the reasons why players like Roger Federer compete until 38 years of age or more. McDonald said: "The game is evolving and guys are finding every little thing to get better.

Money is also a big part of it. Prize money is increasing so much that it makes guys put more work in off the court. They spend more time in the gym now. They leave no stone unturned. Also, they can afford to keep on people that help them.

Roger sometimes travels with a chef. Some guys have both a fitness coach and physio and another coach. I’m happy with my team right now though. I have physio and really good coaches. He also spoke about how his life changed now that he is playing on the ATP Tour: "When I was playing more challengers, I would sometimes stay with friends or families to save money.

Now that I mostly play in ATP events, the ATP puts us up in hotels. Sometimes at the Grand Slams, I’ll stay at an Airbnb with other players." Asked about his goals he added: "For this year, it’s to make it into the top 50 and to win a 250 level tournament.

Long-term, it’s to keep improving. Right now I’m working on my clay game since it’s the most underdeveloped part of my game." Through his Instagram account, McDonald revealed he is set to miss the rest of 2019 season: "Had a successful surgery the other day on my right proximal hamstring tendon.

Crazy how things can change in a moment, but everything happens for a reason and I'm going to stay positive through this process", he wrote.