Roger Federer was opposed to Hawk-Eye Challenge, says French Open chief

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Roger Federer was opposed to Hawk-Eye Challenge, says French Open chief

In an interview to French Web, the French Open tournament director Guy Forget commented on the NextGen ATP Finals and how technology has influenced tennis. "I find this approach very interesting, even though I am a pretty classic person who does not like changes...

it's interesting because I think our sport is a show and competes with other ones like basketball, football and videogames, it needs to attract new players. The best players like Federer were opposed to the Hawk-Eye. And now everyone, including Roger, recognize that's a success.

Why didn't you introduce it before?" About the criticism coming from WTA for scheduling semi-finals on Suzanne Lenglen and Simonne Mathieu, Forget concluded: "Our priority is, one, sports fair play for player recovery, and the second challenge was to finish the male and female draw in Saturday and Sunday.

The decision was difficult indeed. Many people who commented on these decisions didn't have all the parameters in their hand. It's indeed a tricky decision. I understand the frustration of WTA members who had the impression that we had decreased the value of these semifinals.

We think that the court Suzanne Lenglen and Simonne Mathieu, that have been praised, were not a downgrading, but how the semifinals took place and the women's finals yesterday proved we weren't wrong. Of course, if the weather had been milder, we wouldn't have made differently, but according to the emergency, the weather conditions that were quite unstable, we thought that this was the best decision, the best possible solution. Of course, from 2020 onwards, this kind of issue will not bother us anymore."