Roger Federer: 'As a kid my parents asked me not to make them waste money'

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Roger Federer: 'As a kid my parents asked me not to make them waste money'

Roger Federer recalled his childhood in an interview to the American golfer Adam Scott for Uniqlo. The Swiss said: "I went through a really normal upbringing walking to kindergarten walking to school, eventually driving to school with the bike, then in the winter times was too cold, take the tram and the bus and then eventually I left home and I went to the French part of Switzerland.

I could stay in a family from Monday to Friday so I would only come home at the weekend, so my upbringing was one of the some I feel very normal. I was maybe talented to some degree in the region but not nationally or internationally yet because I was losing in the first rounds at 14 under events all the time so that was normal.

My parents were not really pushy but at least they asked me not to waste their time and their money. Because a lot of times money gets wasted just by staying there so if I had to give advice I would say that kids should really listen to their parents as soon as possible and as early as possible because that's when you are young you are like, I know better, I know better.

And then when you are a father yourself, you realize it all makes sense now, why did they tell me to do all these things, so I really believe in doing multiple sports. It's not crucial but it's great if you can do that and have the opportunity.

For me was playing basketball, going to play squash and table tennis until it was dark and then I go play soft tennis in the streets then I would go to trade tennis practice and I go to soccer practice, I would have games on the weekends.

That was for me my everyday life plus school. If kids could think of that as normal, that would be great because it's always wrong if you focus way too early too soon on one sport."