Auger-Aliassime: I cannot compare myself with Roger Federer

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Auger-Aliassime: I cannot compare myself with Roger Federer

Felix Auger-Aliassime could become an ATP title champion this week in Stuttgart at just 18 years old. Asked if he saw some similarities with his childhood idol Roger Federer, in a press conference, the Canadian player said: "I cannot compare myself with Roger.

It's just something different. I am trying to win my first title, make the best possible career but for me to compare myself to Gael and Roger is not a good thing. When Roger won his first title, it was different times. If I win one, I will deserve it."

Asked if it's true that he went practising earlier this year just after the Miami Open semifinals loss to John Isner, Auger-Aliassime replied: "I did. That's something I have done before. I have been doing it since juniors with my coaches whether I win or lose just to work on certain things.

The things I did wrong in the match. That was a good lesson, against John. I had a great week and next time I am gonna be in a different position and learn from that. It will be a good lesson for the future." Asked if the grass season should be one week longer, he concluded: "I am still 18, I do not have much experience.

It will be better to ask players who have been on the tour for a long time. Somebody believes it should be longer, sometimes think it's right. The grass is a unique surface but to be longer... I am not the right person to say."