Tommy Haas and Roger Federer were my idols, says French Open winner

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Tommy Haas and Roger Federer were my idols, says French Open winner

In an interview to TennisNet, Andres Mies commented on his French Open title won with defeating Jeremy Chardy and Fabrice Martin in the championship clash on Saturday last week. Mies said: "When I had to connect after the final, the telephone got blocked twice.

When it worked, there were a lot of notifications on it. I was really happy with every message. For example, Tommy Haas congratulated me. Tommy has always been my idol besides Roger Federer. I admired him since I was a kid and I watched his matches on television.

And now he personally texts me and congratulates me with my success. That's unbelievable to me." Mies added: "Of course, you want to make that step from going from Challengers to ATP level. That was our goal when we started last year.

It's crazy that we made it that quick in that short period of time. Our goal was always to try to win as many Challengers to get points. We had to be patient. It took a little bit. Because if you win a Challenger, it doesn't allow you automatically to enter ATPs.

So the crucial moment was Wimbledon last year where we used the chance of qualifying and we went to the third round. We lost with match points against Bryan/Sock who went on to win the tournament. But that was a moment where we realized we had the level to beat all the top guys.

Yeah, it took some time, but I would say after we won New York in February, we realized we can beat anyone and we can -- we belong to these guys. We belong on the ATP Tour. Since this year, we're starting to -- we started to play more ATPs.

I don't know how many Challengers we played this year, maybe two or three. But, yeah, so from now on, we feel like we settled into the ATP Tour. Yeah, this is just unbelievable. We hope to stay on the tour for a long time, and hopefully, stay healthy and play 10 more years, play until 40, who knows? Just keep enjoying what we're doing, yeah."