Del Potro: 'I am not scared of Roger Federer and other Big Fours'

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Del Potro: 'I am not scared of Roger Federer and other Big Fours'

In an interview to Tennis365, Juan Martin del Potro commented on how the future of men's tennis looks like once Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic step up from the game. "Tennis will recover when they retire because the next big stars will come up.

Tennis recycles all the time. Might not be the same as before but we thought like this before with Sampras/Agassi but the sport always comes back", said the world No. 12. On his chances to defeat the Big Three plus Andy Murray, del Potro added: "I am not scared of the big four.

I know how good they are and I know if 100 per-cent I can beat them. I have beaten them all in the past. I was close to beating Novak in Rome – I had two match points. I know the tennis will be even when I am best – but not at moment because I am coming back from injury, but I love to play against them.

It is a special opportunity and opponent – and that’s what I want to remember after retiring." Del potro also commented on his chances at Queen's: "I love this tournament. Unfortunately, I couldn't play these past few years but this time is a different moment for me. I want to be ready for Wimbledon and this tournament is a special one, so I am very excited to be here."