Roger Federer: I tried everything I had against Rafael Nadal

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Roger Federer: I tried everything I had against Rafael Nadal

Speaking of his French Open semi-final loss to Rafael Nadal, Roger Federer said: "I tried everything I had and [we played in] unbelievably windy conditions. It was really challenging. I loved it actually, to play Rafa in that situation, the way it was.

But I left [Paris] very positive. "I believe when you come to the grass you could really see it as a very frustrating surface because if you are seeking rhythm you might be disappointed quite often. Because you are not controlling everything because there are bad and low bounces, the opponent can always shorten the rallies if he wants to, by just certain bowling, by taking huge cuts at the ball and so there is no, 'Let's get in the rally and let's build the point from there like on clay.'

"[Grass] highlights my strength and it maybe hides my weaknesses. From that standpoint, I can play how I want, on my terms, how I would like. When you feel that way, it is maybe what Rafa feels on the clay... I have all the options and when you have options, it gives you options to win and different tactics you can use against different players.

That gives you maybe that little bit more margin you need to stay out of trouble and win matches." Federer also spoke about how on grass his tactics will change: "For me, I returned on in the clay as well so for me the transition is not that crazy and you have to embrace the fact that there is gonna be bad bounces, that's going to be short rallies and the points will be played differently and they have no rules and you have to be very innovative."