Alexander Zverev: Facing Roger Federer is never easy, he is the GOAT

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Alexander Zverev: Facing Roger Federer is never easy, he is the GOAT

Alexander Zverev is confident about his chances in the grass season. Speaking ahead of his first-round match win against Robin Haase, the German player said: "This year I am feeling pretty well. I have played a lot but I have trained pretty hard.

I always love playing in Germany, I always had success here. I played the finals twice in singles and twice in doubles. The crowd can get loud for you, they can support you a lot. I become a bit nervous too." On how it felt to face Roger Federer twice in Halle - one in 2016 beating him and one in 2017 losing to him - Zverev added: "It's never easy, he is also the greatest player of all time.

We see how the week goes and I am excited about this week." Zverev spoke about his legal dispute with his agent Patricio Apey. "It's a thing that makes me spend a lot of time and energies. Not having such a figure anymore, I have to solve a lot of questions by myself.

Until a few months ago I was living in a life where all the problems were solved for me, I just had to play tennis. Now it's no longer like this. I do not know how long it will last. But it does not depend just on me, there is someone who is trying to make things difficult", said Zverev.

Zverev also added: "When I manage to deliver my game, opening the court with the backhand, things get better. Unfortunately, I cannot do it on a consistent basis, especially in the key months. But I am sure I will improve."

On Zverev, Boris Becker said: "A big question with Zverev, he’s comfortable on the clay but we all know apart from him he is way too far behind the baseline for some reason, he keeps doing it but one of these days he is going to realise."

Zverev took a fall in his match against Haase on Monday. He was forced to pull out of his doubles match on Tuesday. He will play Steve Johnson in the men's singles second round on Thursday.