Zverev wants a Roger Federer contract in Halle, says Tournament Director

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Zverev wants a Roger Federer contract in Halle, says Tournament Director

In an interview to TennisNet, the Halle Tournament Director Ralf Weber commented on Alexander Zverev's big improvements. Weber said: "He suggested us to have a lifetime deal as we have with Roger Federer. Sascha has been having an amazing development.

Who would have ever thought that at 21 years of age he would have been on the top 3 rankings and won the ATP Finals in London defeating Novak Djokovic and Roger Federer over the last weekend." On how he dealt with losing the title sponsor Gerry Weber, which was now replaced by Noventi, Weber concluded: "There was a lot of support.

After all, you can see how the tournament became dear to the players after all everyone praises how familiar the environment in Halle is. I can clearly say that this year we will have to spend much less money on this lineup.

But the offer for fans even got bigger, we have great artists who will perform at night. Despite this close co-operation with Roger, we were never in a critical situation. This situation makes me remember when we did not have Boris Becker and Michael Stich either.

But the new faces soon came, there was never a real issue. Even Roger was not a megastar at the time. And he said that Halle is looking good in the future. We will put together a world-class field. And I am sure we will showcase something amazing, elegant and exclusive, which attracts fans."