Roger Federer: I made mistakes as a younger guy, like we all do

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Roger Federer: I made mistakes as a younger guy, like we all do

Roger Federer enjoyed his years on tour. Reflecting on how much time he has left in tennis and what he will do once his professional career is over, the Basel native said: "It's a shame, because I am at the end of my career now, and it has gone by so quickly.

That is a good sign, though, because it shows that it has been enormous fun. My career has been a blessing. I wouldn't have done anything differently, apart from the mistakes I made when I was younger which we all make. My future is open.

Some players need a very clear plan of what they will do after tennis, but I don't. I want to have flexibility, for my family. There will be plenty of opportunities. I have my foundation, and I have various sponsors who I have been with a long time who will stay with me after my career.

"Of course, I want to keep doing things in tennis, and maybe play some exhibition matches or charity matches. On the other hand, I will have to see how fit I can stay and how to fit I want to stay. I will have to see whether I want to play exhibition matches at a low standard", Federer said laughing.

"The main thing is not to get injured, because my health comes first." Federer defeated David Goffin in the Halle final. It was the first time the Swiss player has won 10 titles at an event.