Roger Federer: Matteo Berrettini is somebody to watch out for

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Roger Federer: Matteo Berrettini is somebody to watch out for

In a press conference in Halle, Roger Federer commented on Matteo Berrettini's progress. The Italian player's eight-match win streak on grass ended in Halle after he lost to David Goffin in the semi-final. The Swiss said: "Watched him, not really.

Three games don’t count. But I’ve been following the results and to say the least I’m impressed. What else can you say? He’s made four, won in four finals since last year in Gstaad. Obviously, I knew he won there.

then winning in Stuttgart not dropping a serve, then coming here and continuing the great run, you know, that's impressive. So, he’s somebody to watch out for here obviously but also then at Wimbledon." Federer also commented on how his perspective towards losses changed over the time: "Today, when I lose, I try to regroup as soon as I have to meet the press, my family and anyway my life will continue, so I try not to focus too much on my performance.

With the experience and age, I learned to quickly analyze the reasons of my losses, and I try to do better in my next matches. It seems I am effortless when I play because I look like too calm, I do not shout a lot when I hit the ball, my celebrations are shy and my technique is pretty simple, but behind it, there is a lot of sacrifice and work."

On Sunday, Federer won his 10th title in Halle after defeating David Goffin 7-6, 6-1 in the final. It was his 102nd title.