Roger Federer: At the beginning of my career I was very angry

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Roger Federer: At the beginning of my career I was very angry

In an interview with Clique Dimanche, Roger Federer commented on how his character has evolved. "At the beginning, I was very angry, then I quickly learned that little details are important and that if I continued on this path things would have been very bad for me.

I cried a lot and I threw my rackets everywhere. When I lost, I even broke some of them, believe me, I had to do a lot to learn to control my behaviour. The key moment of my change was in 2001 in Hamburg. I lost a match I should have won, and my behaviour was so bad that I was upset with myself, and that's where I decided to keep myself calm, and I did it, I would say I became too much calm, which is why people were looking at me as a non competitive guy.

I did not like losing and I do not like it now too, for me, it's not just about playing but winning and losing always disappoints me a lot. I did not know how to find a balance between the two mental status, the anger and calmness.

Then I finally spoke with my camp and little by little I had to change the situation, celebrating my points and wins while keeping a perfect balance in matches." On his win over Pierre-Hugues Herbert in the Halle semi-finals, Federer concluded: "It’s great.

I thought it was a very solid performance from me. I didn’t struggle on serve and [when] I had my opportunities on the return, I was able to take them. I was able to find some good energy today, especially in the important moments, because the past couple of days have been tough.

It’s been a lot of tennis, so this is maybe exactly what I need going into the final." On Sunday, after beating David Goffin, Federer won his 10th Halle and 102nd career title.