Roger Federer: 'Last year I was a bit injured on grass, I played too much'

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Roger Federer: 'Last year I was a bit injured on grass, I played too much'

Roger Federer was asked if now that he has played on clay this year, unlike the past two seasons, he feels better physically. The Swiss replied: "Not sure. It’s been okay so far. I mean look, it was good for as long as it lasted the clay court season.

Now I’m not sure if I feel particularly better, you know, this year on the grass than last year. Let’s talk at Wimbledon. Let’s see how things go there. Because in Wimbledon honestly, that’s more of a court where you can play more baseline tennis.

I know we had longer rallies yesterday, yesterday was me more slicing and then trying to hit big on the forehand. I think at Wimbledon you could really have some proper rallies. This is maybe where it’s going to help me all of a sudden that I did play on clay.

But at the end of the day, you can still figure it out with clay or no clay. So far, I’m very happy. You know, my game is there where I want it to be." Then Federer admitted: "Last year I was a bit injured, I had played a lot of tennis before the final in Halle, I had much more pain and I was dealing with it, but by not playing in Stuttgart I have some more extra energy.

The more important the situation gets, the more energy I have, I can be prepared mentally and I can relax a bit more." On his future, he concluded: "I speak with my team, my wife, what we should do, what we like more. From that standpoint, especially after a 16-year injury, I can take calls in an even easier way."