Tim Henman agrees with Roger Federer about on-court coaching

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Tim Henman agrees with Roger Federer about on-court coaching

In an interview with The Telegraph, the former world no. 4 Tim Henman said he thinks that on-court coaching is not a good thing for tennis in general. The Brit said: “I have spoken to 30 past players about the use of coaches during matches and none of them support it.

One thing that alarms me is the changes at junior level. To me, that is the tail wagging the dog. The ITF should be the custodians of the game but they are ingraining bad habits in these kids before they have even made it to tour level.

It ought to be up to the player to problem solve during a match. One of tennis’ most important points of difference is that it is a one-to-one, gladiatorial sport”. Roger Federer had shared similar thoughts in Halle last week: "The goal has to be that more players can profit, so they are more able to travel, and can afford to make themselves a living through their work.

And from that, they will be able to have better teams. Because of this, I’m against the development of having coaching at the US Open. I find it unfair – I believe I have the best team in the world, when I get to have coaching from them while the other person perhaps doesn’t even have a coach, or doesn’t have the right coach, that would make him [the opponent] much worse off. For these reasons, I honestly wouldn’t like to have this development."