Roger Federer: Press writing bad of me would affect me

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Roger Federer: Press writing bad of me would affect me

Roger Federer commented on how he deals with the praises he receives. The world no. 3 said: "I handle it well because the press speaks well of me. It would make me struggle in some ways if I got criticized or written on a bad day because that would also influence my family, wife, children or friends.

Being a good role model and idol for parents or children has always been good. They come to me and they are like, Hey, you are great, stay there longer. They are never like, Why do children look at you. It's a wonderful feeling.

I always tried to stay myself. That's not so easy un an enormous circus. Media, fans portrait me as a superhero. I want to make people happy because I see myself as an entertainer. Over the first ten years on Tour, I did not understand what entertainment really is.

I like people who come to the stadium and return home feeling they had a great day. You also have to give interesting answers to the press instead of coming here and trying to leave as soon as possible. We have great athletes all over the world and I obviously look at them."

On how playing on clay benefited his game, Federer concluded: "Through clay, I was able to handle a ten-shot rally again, be patient in rallies. You almost never have to do it here, you can play aggressive immediately.

There are so many serve winners and aces." After winning in Halle, Federer will be the second seed at the Championships in Wimbledon.