Roger Federer, Nadal, Djokovic are the best players ever - McEnroe

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Roger Federer, Nadal, Djokovic are the best players ever - McEnroe

John McEnroe commented on the Big Three dominance and the younger players' attempt to break it. "To me the three greatest players that have ever lived, playing at the same time", McEnroe said speaking of Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic.

"They’re extremely hungry, which is an amazing quality at that age, and they’ve been — they’ve psyched out opponents, I believe. And they’re better. You add all those things together, and sure, you could say that we’re disappointed with the fact that these guys in their sort of mid to late 20s haven’t been able to make a breakthrough, but these guys are all-time great players.

And so they sense and understand that, and they’ve gotten in — I believe, to some extent, gotten in the heads of these guys and also done more to me to add some elements to their game, which some of the other players maybe have tried to do but haven’t been as successful.

So that’s like saying do you want — no one wants to see any team or individual in any sport lose it because of injuries. You want — you say Golden State was in the finals five years in a row, or I think it’s five or six, five, and a part of you would say, wow, it’s just awesome to see a dynasty, and then there’s another part that says, hey, let’s get some other people in the mix here.

I have a lot of respect for those guys, obviously. I know to some degree what it takes to do what they’re doing, and it’s been absolutely amazing. But I am definitely one of those guys that’s like, okay, it’s time to see these next generation of people.

Now, the next generation, the younger guys like Tsitsipas and Aliassime, who are definitely I think going to win majors, and Shapovalov has shown — he’s struggling now, but there’s some guys out there, and Zverev, there’s been a lot of pressure on him, and he hasn’t been able to handle it too well in the majors, but nonetheless, you can’t count these guys — they’re 22, 21, 20, even 18.

They’re almost there. I think Tsitsipas beat Roger at Australia, but to get over there is a very tall order. If you look at Tsitsipas throughout the French, he had to play Wawrinka, who he lost like a heartbreaker, 9-7 in the fifth, to play Federer, to play Nadal, to play presumably Djokovic or Thiem, that’s an incredibly difficult feat.

This is one reason why they’re having their breakthroughs. You have to beat a couple of these guys usually in the same event. I would like to see it happen, personally."