Roger Federer happy to help Cori Gauff in her growth

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Roger Federer happy to help Cori Gauff in her growth

In a press conference in Wimbledon, Roger Federer praised the 15-year-old Cori Gauff's improvements. The Swiss player and the American are connected by the management company Team 8 that, owned by Federer, represents Gauff.

"I am super happy for her," said the Basel native. "Look, I saw the last couple of games when she qualified. Obviously, everybody was waiting to see what the draw was going to be like. I think that's fascinating, that she plays Venus now.

I don't know if Venus is the oldest in the draw. I think it's a great storyline. I hope they put them on a big court. I think that would be a great, wonderful experience for Coco and Venus anyway. Her pulse is going to stay comfortable, low.

She's not been there before. Been in her shoes, as well. It's a great story. Coco is a nice girl, works really hard. I think she's obviously got a wonderful future ahead of herself. I have seen her a little bit, but not at this tournament yet, only on the little screen watching some of the matches."

Federer had a conversation with Gauff like he usually does with younger players: "Honestly, if it's Coco or any other player asking me questions, I'll answer the question. I like to pick up players when they're maybe not feeling so well or they're insecure and unsure.

They think they're about to climb this mega mountain, but actually, it's just part of the journey. If I can be helpful there, I'm happy to do that. So same as Coco, like with others, too, at the Laver Cup, as well, if the young guys have questions, always happy to help, yeah." Gauff lost to Simona Halep in the fourth round on Manic Monday.