Cori Gauff shares private conversation with Roger Federer

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Cori Gauff shares private conversation with Roger Federer

Cori Gauff is represented by Roger Federer's and Tony Godsick's management company Team8. In an interview with The National, the American spoke about her relationship with the Swiss. "I remember I lost first round Australian Open juniors, and we talked after, and he just told me to keep going, to keep working hard, and he shared some of his stories back when he was a junior.

And then the next tournament I played was French Open and I ended up winning it, maybe that had something to do with it but I mean, how could you not listen to the greatest of all time?" said Gauff. On Serena Williams, Gauff said: "She’s the reason why I wanted to play tennis and the reason why my dad decided to get me a racquet."

Gauff also reflected on what her mindset was heading into the Wimbledon qualies: "I knew I was the underdog, I was just really enjoying it. Last week I didn’t even know I was playing this and now I’m in the main draw, so I just really enjoyed it and just felt happy to be out there.

I didn’t really have time to set any expectations. Obviously, every match I play I think I can win, but I wasn’t thinking about the next two matches in the first round, I was just thinking about that match and so on." Gauff is the youngest player to make it to the Wimbledon main round.