Tsitsipas: 'Roger Federer and Nadal always seemed very mature,professional'

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Tsitsipas: 'Roger Federer and Nadal always seemed very mature,professional'

In a press conference in Wimbledon, Stefanos Tsitsipas commented on his five-set Wimbledon first-round loss to Thomas Fabbiano. The Greek player said: "I was really disappointed. I am disappointed now. People expected things from me.

I didn’t deliver. When you get so much support, so much energy, so much positivity from everyone, just ruin everything by yourself, it’s devastating. I should be the one creating. I should be the one just playing my game.

I can’t seem to find a way to do that." "We’ve seen players my age, many years ago, I would like to name Rafa Nadal, Roger Federer, seemed very mature and professional what they were doing. They had consistency from a young age.

They always did well tournament by tournament without major drops or inconsistency. Something that we as the Next Gen players lack, including me as well, is this inconsistency week by week. It’s a week-by-week problem basically, that we cannot adjust to that.

My goal this year was to stay as consistent as possible. I had a great year last year. There were a lot of ups and downs during the year. I really wanted to focus and be aware of every single match that I’m going to play this year.

It hasn’t been going up to the plan. I’ll be doing what I’m doing, and let’s see what happens. I felt very uncomfortable. I changed my technique. I’ve changed my movement accordingly, according to the surface,’ he continued.

When I’m playing out there, I don’t really play my game the way I want to play just because the grass just forces you to change. You have to stay lower. You have to kind of make these micro changes in your game, the way you serve, because the ball is sliding, the ball is staying low.

That’s what I’m really frustrated about. I don’t play my game. I play someone else’s game. Yeah, that pisses me off. I had a lot of miss-hits today during the match. It felt like I couldn’t deal with the ball.

It felt like, as I said before, a coordination problem. It felt like I was lost, going for too much or going for nothing. There was no balance in what I was doing."