Roger Federer explains bad start: 'The court was slow'

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Roger Federer explains bad start: 'The court was slow'

Roger Federer commented on his slow start against Lloyd Harris in the Wimbledon first round. The Swiss player lost the first set and then came back to reach the second round. “I just felt like [the court] was slow", admitted the Basel native.

"I couldn't really have any impact. He was doing a good job of returning me... I wasn't hitting my spots, and he was reading my serve, or he was just doing a good job. I just struggled. As my legs weren't moving, it's hard to see the short ball.

In defence, you're weak. The next thing you know you're struggling. That's what I had going. But I think with my experience I stayed calm. I know I have other things in the bag that I can come up with, other tricks. I just took a bit of time”.

Federer also spoke about Stefanos Tsitsipas and Alexander Zverev losing in the first round: “Any Top 10 seed that loses in the first week, with 32 seeds, is on the more surprising side, I don't care almost who the opponent is.

It's almost always going to be a bit of a story. For that many guys to lose early... it's just too many. But I guess it happens. Margins are slim. I think this first week at Wimbledon really tests your different skill set and your nerves a little bit to that extent, too.

Let's be honest, maybe also especially with Sascha and Dominic, it's not their favourite surface. So that they can struggle maybe is a little bit normal. Dominic did have a tough draw. So it can happen. But it's definitely surprising”.