Milos Raonic shares what makes Roger Federer special

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Milos Raonic shares what makes Roger Federer special

In a press conference, Milos Raonic commented on the kind of players that can go far in Wimbledon. The Canadian said: "I still think a big server has an advantage here. Kevin was in the finals last year. Marin the year before that.

Myself the year before that. So we've been there. Yeah, you could say the movers, they win. But Roger Federer's won here a lot. He moves incredibly well. But I think his serve and his forehand are really the standout aspects there.

You got other guys that have been winning are just guys that have been winning everything. I think this does a lot of good things for a person that plays aggressive and goes for it." Asked if it's shocking to him that Stefanos Tsitsipas and Alexander Zverev are out on the first day, Raonic replied: "Yeah, more so the Tsitsipas one for me because he's played well on grass before.

Sascha always has sort of struggled here. Vesely had some good wins here before with Dominic and a few other guys on Court 1. I thought that was a bit more of a dangerous matchup. But Stefanos played Thomas here last year. I thought the grass would suit him and his game a bit more than it has throughout this grass season."