Roger Federer: 'People leaving Player Council? It's not surprising'

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Roger Federer: 'People leaving Player Council? It's not surprising'

Roger Federer commented on several players like Robin Haase and Sergiy Stakhovsky leaving the player council because of the many controversies happening right now. The Swiss player said: "I knew from Robin that he was contemplating to pull the plug in Indian Wells.

I motivated him to stay on, to keep doing it, feel like he can add value because I thought he did. Some others, too, I guess. It doesn’t come all that surprising, especially if you really feel like you have no impact. It’s definitely not a good situation.

And I think also it’s not like the tour is in a bad place. We have record numbers in terms of I’m sure prize money, attendance. Things are going well. Just seems on the political side we’re struggling a little bit to figure that part out."

"They had a long meeting. I don’t know what was spoken in those seven hours. I have not spoken to Novak since, or yet, so… I don’t know what to tell you. I’m honestly not in the mood to talk politics.

We’re on the second day of Wimbledon, and that is the last question you had about politics today. Other guys would like to talk about maybe forehands and backhands. But I respect your questions. No problem."