Roger Federer looked flat and human in first set loss to Harris - McEnroe

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Roger Federer looked flat and human in first set loss to Harris - McEnroe

John McEnroe did not expect Roger Federer to lose the first set against Lloyd Harris in the Wimbledon first round. On BBC, the American said: “I was calling it on the other side of the booth and we were a bit shocked ourselves.

He looked a little flat, he looked human. But of course he’s got a big bag of tricks and he’s going to throw some different looks at his opponents and figure out a way. I’m sure he didn’t know a great deal about [Harris], it was a classic David vs Goliath.

Here’s this guy and he came to play. Apparently 10 years ago he had gotten a ticket from his parents to come to see Roger Federer at Wimbledon, who was his idol, so it was a perfect scenario. It worked out beautifully. He’s happy, I accept he hurt his calf and he soldiered on because he did not want to leave that court.

He did not care what the score was, he was going to finish that match. Roger was unbelievable at the net today”. On Novak Djokovic, McEnroe said: "You can see why a lot of people, including myself, have him as a favourite to win this.

He looks great to me. His movement, just his demeanour, his attitude, his intensity – everything. It’s going to be extremely tough to beat him. It feels like you don’t have any time to think: “now what do I do?” It just happens so fast.

Literally, like your back is against the wall when you play him. You’ve got to find a way to beat a guy like this. You’ve got to bring either Federer or Nadal type of level and proficiency to the table, or you gotta be serving out of a mountain.

I don’t believe Raonic has ever beaten him– Anderson, these big hitters, Opelka just came up with the big win and he’s going to get better and better. It is a very, very tall order for any player, any coach, to devise a plan where you could actually sit there and go, “Yeah, we have a real shot at this”.