John Isner shares why Roger Federer can't say he is the greatest ever

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John Isner shares why Roger Federer can't say he is the greatest ever

Speaking on the BBC, John Isner praised Roger Federer. The American said: "It's amazing to look at the Grand Slam stats. I mean, what has Roger won, 20? And he's, like, s**t, like, he can't even say he's the greatest player of all time at 20 Grand Slams.

It's incredible. These guys are pushing each other. Rafa has 19 and then Djokovic is 16, not slowing down. It's remarkable. These guys are pushing each other. I think when all's said and done, it's going to be arguing who's better, Michael [Jordan] or LeBron [James]? It will impossible to tell."

Isner added: "I'll take it (smiling). I'll take it. You know what? People have asked me how I have done against the big three, and I have said I have never beaten Rafa before, is always my answer. But do you think I can claim it now? You have retroactively given me a win against Rafa.

I'll take it, certainly. I don't think Rafa is thinking too much about it." Meanwhile the former top ten player Radek Stepanek said: "The Big Three, when they face each other, is the peak of tennis. It will be difficult to have a better Wimbledon final with so many good rallies in such an environment and with such a quality of tennis.

I was overwhelmed by Novak's calmness with everything that was happening in the match. The fifth set was a rollercoaster. I thought that in the fifth set Roger would have lost the strength to play as he had faced Rafael Nadal too.

But grass is his home. He delivered an unbelievable performance and it was an unbelievable show for fans and an enormous advertisement for tennis. Novak had a great strength inside him."