Andy Murray: 'I had my most embarassing moment with Roger Federer'

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Andy Murray: 'I had my most embarassing moment with Roger Federer'

In an interview to The Guardian, Andy Murray was asked what was the most embarrassing moment in his career. The British player said: "In 2014, when I was down 6-0, 5-0 in London to Roger Federer, and nothing like that had happened to me since I’d been a professional.

You are in the middle of a court with 20,000 people in the stadium hoping for a competitive match and that’s not happening. I felt extremely self-conscious." He also revealed what's the worst thing that was ever said to him: "I was walking to play a match at Wimbledon when I was about 19 and someone said, “Oh that fucking Scottish wanker just walked by”.

At the time I was struggling to deal with attention, and it hurt quite a lot." He cried for the last time... "Driving home on my own, thinking about the last 18 months, which have been really difficult, and getting back to playing tennis again without any pain in my hip.

It was happy crying." Meanwhile, John McEnroe spoke about Nick Kyrgios: “After the top few guys I’m guessing the fourth or fifth most desirable guy to watch is him. We all think about that. What could I have done? Myself included.

It would be hard to believe he wouldn’t think that, but he seems not to care what people think. It takes some guts to put yourself out there”.