Even Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer lose a lot, says Raonic

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Even Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer lose a lot, says Raonic

Milos Raonic reflected on what loss means to him. The Canadian player said: "Let's be honest. As tennis players, even if you're Roger Federer and if you're Rafael Nadal, we are all a bunch of losers many times throughout the year.

You get over it. You have a tournament that comes up pretty quickly after -- you know, at the best, if you're having a record season, you're still losing four times. The average probably top 10 players, if they play 18 tournaments, maybe they win two or three so they're losing 15 times a year.

You sort of cope with these things, try to get rid of them, but they hurt. I think because they hurt is why the players play so well, because you do everything you can in your power to avoid it. But as tennis players, you get used to it from a very young age of losing and losing quite a bit.

"There is certain, I think -- obviously it's hard if you play a Nick or a Gael who is on the other side in about five seconds. I think that also is maybe an unrealistic expectation. But, you know, pushing it to the 20 or 25, whatever it may be for that week -- there is moments for it, I think, after long points, but if it's a consistent thing, I think somebody should be given at least a heads-up that, hey, you can only keep this guy waiting for so long."