Nikolay Davydenko: 'Roger Federer stopped my career'

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Nikolay Davydenko: 'Roger Federer stopped my career'

Nikolay Davydenko defeated Roger Federer only twice out of 21 meetings, back to back in 2009 ATP Finals and 2010 Doha. In an interview to Sport-Express, the Russian player, who retired from the professional tour in October 2014, reflected on the impact the Basel native had on his path in tennis.

"My career was stopped by Roger Federer. He is the only one who constantly beat me in all the main tournaments - quarterfinals and semifinals. It was his era - at some point he was unbeatable, it was difficult to beat him.

His game is short, fast, light, strong. He tries to avoid the long matches that can create problems for health. Another thing: he manages to stay focused at 38 years of age. He can play fast tennis for 100 more years, the only question mark is how much he can focus on his eyes.

Now he keeps up with the match for one hour and a half or two hours. But if the match lasts five sets, his body starts dropping. Especially when he plays against Rafael Nadal or Novak Djokovic. A 20-year-old is physically stronger, but he is afraid of playing against the big Federer."

Davydenko also spoke about the prize money in Grand Slams: "I think it's maybe even too much. Before I had to go through two or three round to make some money. Now you can come to Grand Slam with the whole family, take your grandparents lose in the first round and have a good check anyway."