Nikolay Davydenko recalls when he was shocked looking at Roger Federer

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Nikolay Davydenko recalls when he was shocked looking at Roger Federer

In an interview to Sport-Express Nikolay Davydenko recalled when he was leading 6-2 3-1 15-40 in the 2010 Australian Open quarter-finals over Roger Federer. The Russian former player eventually ended up losing 2-6 6-3 6-0 7-5.

What happened after the fifth game in the second set "I decided to switch racket", said Davydenko. "I had won Doha with just one. Sometimes they are like, pick any racket and play. But it's not like this. I was trusting this racket a lot because I felt okay and I could take the control even over Federer.

But strings are not forever. My brother had said, Put it aside and pick another. My speed changed and Federer got it. He went to the bathroom after the first set although he had never gone there before. I was shocked. Maybe he did not expect to lose the first set.

I told myself, Keep being focused. But I was not controlling the situation anymore, my strings had gotten lighter and the ball had started flying. I had to change the racket. I did and then everything turned. I did not know how to come back and it was obviously a disaster."

He also spoke about how his popularity changed after the retirement: "People don't recognize me often in Moscow. Just those who follow tennis. I use the metro, go across the city and feel free. And nobody knows me in Europe. Just people from South America say: Oh, grande Davydenko."