Roger Federer: 'Wimbledon surface speed is just slow'

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Roger Federer: 'Wimbledon surface speed is just slow'

Roger Federer believes that game conditions in Wimbledon should be quicker. Speaking in a press conference after his straight-set win over Matteo Berrettini on Monday, the Swiss said: “What was I going to say? The guy is serving on average 130 miles (per hour) and second serve 105 or 110.

He gets three aces. It’s just slow. Especially tonight, conditions are a bit cooler. I just felt like, you know, it’s not really going through. If you’re almost clocking 140 (miles per hour) serves, you should be rewarded a little bit more probably.

There is definitely an issue with the speed of the balls or the speed of the courts”. “I was able to get a lot of balls back, again I think because of the conditions as well. I think if it would have been faster, then again we would have seen the match that I was expecting with few chances here and there.

I was just able to maybe outmanoeuvre him with my slice. He couldn’t hurt me enough with his forehand, which I thought was going to be maybe tough to manage today. Everything seemed to go easier. Then eventually you know how it is, when you’re down two sets to love so quickly, I mean, it’s hard to figure things out. It’s hard to change. I just think the conditions also didn’t allow him to do that today”.