Roger Federer: I never thought I would win 100 Wimbledon matches

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Roger Federer: I never thought I would win 100 Wimbledon matches

Roger Federer reflected on his 100th Wimbledon match win. The four-set victory over Kei Nishikori helped the Swiss player reach the special mark. Federer said: "It's special... It's been a lot of years I've been coming here.

That's given me the opportunity to win a lot, naturally. I didn't think of it while I was playing today. Actually not at all, not once. Then as I'm signing, the guy says, 'Congratulations for your 100.' It's nice, because if I look back at the hundred that have happened, some were so incredibly cool.

Today again was a big match going into the semis [to face] Rafa, now that he won. A hundred wins here at Wimbledon. Who would have thought? I didn't, for sure. I feel good on the court. Even if I'm down a set or down a break, no hurry there.

I stay calm. I feel like I have the 1-2 punch sort of under control. I'm serving good. I'm going in phases in returning. It's been very different to play Berrettini in the last match where he's serving big. I was chipping a lot today, I was coming over all the time.

That obviously takes some getting used to. Overall I'm just very happy how I'm hitting the ball. Feel good off the baseline, too, which is clearly going to be important maybe for the next match”.