I pick Roger Federer to beat Rafael Nadal, says Bjorkman

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I pick Roger Federer to beat Rafael Nadal, says Bjorkman

Jonas Bjorkman, the former world No. 4, previewed the Wimbledon match between Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal. "For me, it will be five close sets and the match will be brilliant. When the draw was made, I had Roger as the slight favourite over Rafa.

I would still pick Roger — just. But this match is so much more exciting than Paris or Australia or the hard courts. Roger dominates Rafa on the hard courts, Rafa wins on clay all the time. Here now, with the conditions a bit slower than before, we have an amazing semi ahead, maybe their best match yet.

[Grass] really levels them”. David Goffin' coach Thomas Johansson concluded: "I told David: If we do not beat Djokovic, no one will do it, he is a wall, there is no hole, I do not think Roger and Rafa can beat him, what I saw on Wednesday is extremely impressive."

Meanwhile Federer spoke about the Big Three dominance: "Rafa takes care of the clay there. Novak is in every Masters 1000 on hard court. I float around. You add [Andy] Murray to it, Stan [Wawrinka] to it, guys that made their move later on, [Juan Martin] del Potro to it, you realise there's not that much to get.

I think it's a combination of many things. But it might all change again. Obviously, the way the ranking system works, other things - I mean, I grew up in the bonus points. I don't know if you remember those times. If you beat, let's say, No 1 in the world, you got a hundred points at a slam, 50 points at another tournament.

If you could make big-time results, you could all of a sudden just jump in the ranking much more. The following year you couldn't defend those points if you didn't have exactly the same draw. It is what it is right now. I just think it's kind of tough to get to the top because Novak and Rafa are still so, so good."