Wimbledon speed surface doesn't benefit Roger Federer, says Leconte

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Wimbledon speed surface doesn't benefit Roger Federer, says Leconte

In an interview to Sport Klub, the former French player Henri Leconte explained how the Wimbledon surface speed may favour some players and put in troubles some others. "This year the surface changed a lot, it's extremely slower than the previous years, which is unreal for me.

I think it benefits Rafa and Novak, for Roger it will be complicated, but it's surprising to see that all of the three are still able to play at the highest level. I think next generation respects them too much. They are a bit scared, I think.

Of course, all of the three are very confident and they all play in an amazing way, so they need to be faced by someone who is not afraid of them", said Leconte, who feels very confident about Novak Djokovic's chances: "That's the new Novak, his self-belief is fascinating and he always wants to be better, in a consistent progress.

That's why he has had so much success. For him, French Open was a bit different, he did not have his timing but on hard and grass he is the best." Who will end up holding most Grand Slam trophies? "Let's enjoy them as long as they play and in the end of their careers, we will think about it.

In some years, we will not be able to see them again. We will see who will overcome Roger Federer. The record is there to be broken."